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Afternoon Adventure Learning Center's program was developed to teach high-risk, inner-city youth in grades k-12 and families the skills to become successful in life. The five major components of the program are:

1. Academic Enrichment
2. Health & Wellness
3.Financial Literacy
4.Job Readiness
5.Social Engagement

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Academic Enrichment​​
Afterschool and Summer Tutoring
Our afterschool and summer tutoring program is designed to improve students' academic, social, and personal development. We offer homework help, enrichment activities, mentoring and coaching, test preparation, career and college readiness, field trips, physical activities, nutrition education, community service projects, and parent engagement. 
Enrichment beyond the classroom

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Health & Wellness
Our Health and Wellness program is designed to improve the physical, mental, and social well-being of students and their families from low income communities, while also educating them on the importance of healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices. We offer exercise and physical activity classes, nutrition education, stress reduction and mental health resources, health screenings, community-based events, and social support networks.
Financial Literacy
Our Financial Literacy program is designed to help students and their families gain the knowledge and skills needed to manage their finances effectively, make informed financial decisions, and achieve their financial goals. We offer budgeting and saving classes, debt management, investing and retirement planning, Financial Counseling, and consumer protection classes. 
Academic Enrichment
Job Readiness 
Our Job Readiness program is designed to help students and their families develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the job market and achieve their career goals. We offer job search skills, career exploration, workplace readiness, professional development, entrepreneurship training, and job placement assistance, job fairs, High School Diploma and GED Preparation, College Preparation and Financial Aid Help.
Social Engagement
Our Social Engagement program is designed to foster social connections, promote community involvement, and empower participants to make a positive impact on their communities and the world around them. We offer peer support groups, cultural and arts programs, community outreach, and volunteer opportunities, cooking classes, celebrations, social events, Toys For Tots, Coats 4 Kids, Back to School Drives, and community support.
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