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Afternoon Adventure Learning Center's program was developed to teach high-risk, inner-city youth in grades k-12 and families the skills to become successful in life. The five major components of the program are:

1. Academic Enrichment

2. Health & Wellness

3.Financial Literacy

4.Community Enrichment

5.Economic Development

Academic Enrichment​​
Afterschool and Summer Tutoring
  The goal of academic enrichment is to provide curricula that increase a student's readiness to explore and engage in core educational concepts through College readiness, Language Arts, Research Readiness, Environmental Literacy, and STEM Literacy.
Enrichment beyond the classroom
Health & Wellness
Health and wellness promotes positive approaches to healthy living, including healthy eating, positive decision-making and long-term and short-term goal-setting.
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Financial Literacy
Financial wellness through ongoing classes focused on personal finance skills such as, everyday budgeting, understanding interest rates, prioritizing savings, credit-debt cycle traps, identity theft and safety that will empower economic independence and self- sufficiency for our youth and families. 
Academic Enrichment
Community Enrichment
The community enrichment program provides fun and safe opportunities for youth and families to get out into the community to learn, to grow, and to share experiences with others.
Economic Development
Afternoon Adventure Learning Center's main goal of economic development is improving the economic well-being of youth and families through efforts that entail job creation, job retention, and quality of life by partnering with community colleges and higher education institutions to help families develop the skills and confidence to be successful in a postsecondary environment and purse a pathway to a marketable certificate or degree.
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